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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  August 26, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> flames threatening to destroy homes and groves. what firefighters are doing to protect them. after syria likely uses chemical weapons on its own people, the united states prepares for a possible military response. if you want to know what a true american hero looks like, then you don't have to look too far. you have to look at your dad. >> a bay area soldier receives a nation's highest military honor. how he went above and beyond to help his comrades in an intense six-hour ambush. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. the largest fire is raging on in and around yosemite national park. the rim fire has charred 230 square miles since it erupted nine days ago. that is roughly the size of chicago. the firefighters are slowly gaining ground, they have a
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line about 20% of the fire. not only is it threatening homes and campgrounds, but this map shows how close the fire is to the reservoir where the bay area gets much of its drinking water. cbs reporter tells us the tough choices firefighters may have to make if the fire doesn't slow down. >> yosemite national park is in flames. a wild fire the size of the city of chicago is burning in and around the park. threatening buildings, homes, and groves of giant seqioas. >> what we are really worried about is a high intensity burn that would damage the trees and potentially kill some of the large adults. these trees, as you know, could be up to 2,000 years old. >> crews are using water to save the trees. but they might soon try to use fire. >> we are clearing around the bases. we are doing the sprinkler system and over the next couple days, if the fire gets close, we will put a low intensity
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prescribed fire in place and burn through those areas. >> but it's not just trees and homes that are in danger of this fire. the flames are burning within a couple miles of the reservoir. which supplies most of the water supply for the city of san francisco. the fear is that it could become contaminated by all of the ash falling from the fires. >> how soon could it be before the fire creeps right to the edge of the reservoir? >> probably a couple days. i would say, at the rate it has been moving and with the weather we have, i would say two or three days. >> are you confident in the meantime that you'll be able to keep the reservoir safe? >> yes. i think so. >> the good news is that in its current direction, the fire will burn toward yosemite's granite mountains and run out of fuel. >> cbs news, near yosemite national park. >> tonight, hundreds of campers shared songs and memories at a vigil for berkeley's burned up family camp.
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flames from the rim fire swallowed it up last night. wearing t-shirts, the group gathered to reminisce. and even though their camp is gone, some are hopeful it can be rebuilt. >> i believe it can. because the spirit is there. it's not about the place, it's about the spirit and energy. if you look around you, all these people believe deeply in the spirit and the energy. >> the berkeley run campus low cased in the forest near yosemite national park. >> other bay area camps, san francisco camp is in the clear. fire crews built a barrier around it and say the flames have passed it by. at least one building burned at the camp. and the san jose family camp is now closed for the season. we have more rim fire coverage on our website, you'll also find interactive maps. >> tonight, the obama administration is considering military action against syria. secretary of state, john kerry, says evidence strongly i. cats that chemical weapons were used
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in an attack last week that killed hundreds of people. >> the slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children, and innocent bystanders, by chemical weapons is an obscenity. >> the white house is discussing options with congressional leaders and the pentagon. kpix5 talked to syrian americans and takes a look at the options for military strike. >> this is jugs all the stuff you see every day. >> many of the relatives in syria have escaped to egypt, lebanon, and the u.s., safe from syria's civil war and threat of chemical weapons. >> my last uncle was shot by a government sniper. he was 72 years old. he wasn't protesting. he just -- they just did it. they have no mercy. >> the syrian american hopes that president obama will help the opposition fight syrian president assad. >> we would interfere to put
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an end to the chemical weapons. >> what kind of military action can we use? senior officials believe the coalition of u.s. allies without putting troops on the ground. four u.s. navy warships are positioned in the eastern mediterranean, ready to launch cruise missiles hours after president obama gives the orders. they could fire at night and aim at military command centers or launchers used for chemical weapons. >> military options are very limited. >> university of san francisco politics professor says the u.s. military strike is riddled with problems. >> a military intervention will not likely speed the end of the assad regime, given that the opposition, which started as a broad base democratic nonviolent movement is now into hundreds of fractions,
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including islamist groups. >> should the u.s. target chemical weapons facilities. >> reports are, that assad has placed them in highly populated civilian areas. >> americans aren't interested in getting involved. according to a poll, 60% of americans say we should not intervene in syria's civil war. 25% say the u.s. should take military action if syria's president used chemical weapons. kpix5. >> chemical weapons inspectors have arrived at one of the syrian suburbs hit in last week's attack. but that's after snipers fired on the convoy. one vehicle was hit by gunfire. nobody was hurt. the inspectors arrived at the site to visit hospitals and meet with witnesses, survivors, and doctors, they are collecting blood samples and other evidence to determine whether a chemical weapon was used. a soldier from antioch received the nation's highest military award today.
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president obama presented army staff sergeant with the medal of honor. allen martin tells us, carter risked his life to save others. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states accompanied by medal of honor recipient, staff sergeant, ty carter. >> more than 40 members of ty carter's filled the room. the president had a message for the two oldest carter children. >> if you want to know what a true american hero looks like, then you don't have to look too far. you just have to look at your dad. >> in this video recorded by the taliban, it was an ambush at command outpost coating. on october 3, 2009, u.s. troops were out numbered by hundreds of taliban fighters. ty carter risked his life to safe an injured soldier and resupply ammunition to soldiers trapped in a humvee. >> it was chaos. the blizzard of bullets and steel into which ty ran, not once or twice, or even a few
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times, but perhaps ten times. and in doing so, he displayed true heroism. not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost. >> while eight soldiers died in the battle, ty carter wasn't done fighting. >> with most of the outpost on fire, with so many wounded inside, ty stepped out one last time, exposing himself to enemy fire. grabbed a chain saw, cut down a burning tree, saved the station and helped to rally his troops as they fought. >> they pushed the enemy back and retook their camp. ty carter didn't speak of the ceremony, but last month when the honor was announced, his father, mark in antioch was extremely proud. >> not too many guys get to experience this or their sons or daughters survive and then get recognized. >> allen martin, kpix5. >> the president also credited
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sergeant carter for acknowledging his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder and for helping other troops with their recovery. carter spoke after the ceremony about soldiers suffering with ptsd. >> know that they are not damaged. they are simply living when others did not. know that they, we, are not defeated. never defeated. we are resilient and will emerge stronger over time. >> we posted the full video of today's medal of honor on our website, >> the bay bridge will be closed for five days beginning wednesday night. what you can expect when it comes to traffic gridlock. >> graffiti is getting out of control. the new strategy the chp has to catch taggers in the act. >> and a close encounter captured on camera. why this kayaker says whales are a lot more graceful than they look. >> beautiful sunshine this
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afternoon. highs in the 80s. 71 for berkeley. 69 for heyward. coming up in weather, find out when close to the holiday weekend temperatures will fall by 5 to 7 degrees. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in less than 48 hours, traffic on the bay bridge won't be a problem, because there won't be any. it will shut down at 8:00 wednesday night and reopen the day after labor day. we have heard a lot of warnings about traffic picking up on other bridges and roads and linda yee is on treasure island with a reality check of how bad of a gridlock we're looking at. linda. >> reporter: it's not going to be easy. on the thursday expr friday before labor day weekend, typically 250,000 drivers are on the bay bridge. when it shuts down, hundreds and thousands of cars have to go somewhere, expect heavy delays. during a typical commute hour traffic gridlock is bad enough, here's what it looked like in the san mateo bridges tonight. commuters on thursday and friday can expect it to be worse. the chp's advice, don't drive. >> you're going to want to
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plan for double your time of commute. take you half an hour, give yourself at least an hour. if you're going to travel during the heavier times, give yourself an hour and a half. >> those are conservative time estimates. back on labor day weekend, 2009, the bridge shut down for three days for construction work. traffic moved painfully slow and there's no reason to believe this week's five-day closure will be any different. besides public transportation, commuters have another option, a company that rents out work space in 30 locations around the bay area is offering its business lounges at no charge thursday and friday. >> it will be free thursday and friday. free wifi and complimentary coffee. >> if all goes right, the morning of september 3, the new bridge will finally open. and it promises to make the commute easier and safer, especially with the addition of emergency shoulders. >> everybody passed a disabled
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car or crash on their way to work. obviously blocking a lane. in this case, on a shoulder. so instead of being stuck behind them, you will bypass that traffic, it will be great. >> traffic authorities expect that the worse jamups are going to be on highway 101 between san rafael. san francisco will also see some problems also along 19th avenue and park. so the advice, stay home if you can. reporting live on treasure island, linda yee, kpix5. >> for information on how to navigate around the bay bridge closure, we have you covered, find your survival guide at hundreds of replacement bolts are doing the job. they came into question after 32 similar bolts snapped after being tightened. for the last couple of weeks, engineers have been putting new bolts to the test. over the weekend, one snapped, but this time officials are happy that it broke. >> we took them to the highest
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possible level of tension. that is a higher level than any of the bolts are at on the bridge. the fact that they broke after nearly five days at the highest possible tension, means that at least initially, these bolts could last a very, very long time. >> several months of additional testing is still needed. targeting taggers in san jose. the chp launched a special task force to catch criminals in the act. some officers are now being diverted from regular duties to focus only on arresting those who spray paint freeways. seven alleged taggers have been arrested over two months, all found on or around freeways with fresh paint on their hands or clothes. and use spray cans in their backpacks. in some cases, freeway overpasses or retaining walls are tagged not long after old graffiti is painted over. >> the citizens did not like it and neither did the officers. we drove in this area as well, and our children are in the cars and not something we
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wanted to tolerate. >> prosecutors decided to pursue the cases as felonies. they can seek up to three years in prison and court ordered restitution. >> a pod of 80,000 pound whales paid a special visit to kayakers in monterey last week. cbs reporter, anthony mason spoke with the kayakers about their up close and personal experience. >> they sensed me. they heard me. they saw me. i don't know what happened, but they dove underneath me very quickly. >> one of those playful 80,000 humpback whales dove three feet from karen's kayak. not a single drop of water splashed inside. >> i was in awe of how sensitive they were. the fact they were able to sense me and just cruise underneath me, not hit me, you know, very sensitive to their entire surroundings. and those two whales came up later to hang out with us again. >> a buffet of anchovies drew
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them to the canyon. an ocean shelf that is wider and deeper than the grand canyon. >> absolutely amazing. >> but john carlo in a kayak along hatch took the photo that turned the sighting into a lasting moment. >> when i took the photo, i was really scared, not only i didn't know what was going to happen to karen. when i got back to land, i realized that i was looking through my pictures and realized this is the best photo i have ever seen. >> that was anthony mason reporting. they reported seeing 15 humpbacks and that is the most spotted in the same area this year. check out this huge wall of dust. this is southern arizona earlier this evening. the fast moving dust cloud was kicked up by wind from thunderstorms in the phoenix area. visibility got down to a quarter mile in some areas. dust clouds like this are kicked up a few times a year in
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arizona. don't really have any of those here. >> thankfully. a buddy of mine was leaving sky harbor airport and they tried to get the planes out in time because it can mess up the engines. >> it is ominous to see them in person. it doesn't look right. >> we have fog. dust cloud bad, fog over san francisco, less bad. it's quite romantic. a peek outside. we don't have that cloud yet. it is going to be here. partly cloudy skies. we'll have that fog by tomorrow morning. had drizzle earlier this morning in the city. we will likely see drizzle tomorrow morning, too. take you back to yosemite. sunny, warm, breezy, not good for fire fighting tomorrow. then we have a chance of thunderstorms on wednesday. that could be good news if we get the rain. but that's a big if, because in the sierra, sometimes you get dry lightning and not what we would want to spread that wild fire, which is one of the biggest in california history. let's talk about what is going
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on. you saw the video from that dust storm, thunderstorms down there. that tropical moisture stays to our south and east. we've had widespread rain fall in the pacific northwest. that moisture stays to our north. a lot of stuff all around us. for us, not that much going on. high pressure in control and a light on shore flow, just enough of that 59-degree ocean influence to keep the heat down. you'll get the morning cloud cover, but also lots of afternoon sunshine. changes for the weekend. we'll see a significant cooldown starting saturday, as low pressure makes a close pass, we will see rain fall as close as mount shasta. we will see the rain fall to the north. we'll get a stronger on shore flow, more morning cloud cover will be spilling into the afternoon and temperatures taking a significant drop starting saturday. throughout the week, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. i think you'll love the next several days. it will be cooler and cloudier. beautiful day in san jose. tomorrow, afternoon sunshine. 3 degrees below average. sunny vail 77.
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san jose 80. morgan hill up near 90 degrees. san ramon, antioch, you'll hit 88. 67 in the city tomorrow for the financial district. morning fog, afternoon sunshine, and 88 tomorrow. beautiful weather through friday, warm, but not hot inland. low to mid 70s near the bay. afternoon sunshine, then there's that cooling trend. by labor day, some of you inland may not get out of the 70s. that's pretty chilly for us this time of year. not cold, but cooler than average. >> it's pleasant. >> yeah. we'll be right back. >> how romantic. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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it's called burning man and it is officially underway. a week-long festival kicked off today in the black desert. organizers expect 50,000 people to attend the event, which focuses on art and expression. burning man has actually turned into a week of networking for venture capitalist and the brains behind bay area startups. companies get funded, cofounders meet, people land jobs, and do other things at the festival. burning man started on baker beach in san francisco in 1986, became so popular, it had to be moved to a larger area. in switzerland, drive throughs that have nothing to do with food. it is all about sex. these private garages called sex boxes are being used for prostitution. the venue includes bathrooms, showers, a security alarm in
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each box and cafe tables along with messages to practice safe sex. the voter approved project is designed to better protect prostitutes. prostitution has been legal since 1942. >> what's the round trip cost to that? 49ers make a trade today. next. ,, goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell
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to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv. after giving it up miguel cabrera. his 43rd home run,
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2-run blast ... the a's starter's home run total is now at 32 after giving it up to detroit's cabrera. his 43rd home run and the game was tied at 4. but the man who took josh's spot on the a's roster, derek barton comes through. you better drop the piano, watch him get his hand in there. oh, he's safe. and the a's win 8-6. twilight game in denver. >> hello from denver. >> having a wonderful time. barry zito looking to bounce back after getting his last start. not good. todd gone. he gave up 5 in four innings. it will never end. i mean, this is the longest season ever. the 49ers reportedly have traded linebacker, paris harrellton for a 2014 draft pick to the new orleans saints. he lost the starting job in
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2011. i thought he was having a good preseason. they will cut a quarterback. tell you about that later. >> see you at 11:00. ,, 'til labor day to reward yourself! get 48 months interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. not to labor the point... but this sale won't last long! ♪ mattress discounters!
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